Daniela Vanni lives in Florence, city of art, artists and cradle of the most experienced leather masters.
Passionate always in fashion with a focus on accessories, she decided to give life to this passion creating her own line of handbags.
At the base of the creative development of each model there is an aesthetic vision that takes into full account the harmony of textures and shades of colour. Daniela Vanni is focused especially on lines and colours, as well as on careful combination of materials used. This gives rise to clutch rigorous and versatile at the same time, where the extreme attention to detail is highlighted by a stylish decoration, the finish and quality materials and high quality.
Each piece is made in the laboratories of Tuscan leather goods, cornerstones of the production, which can give life to the simple style of the bags, giving flexibility, softness and elegance.
Respectful of Made in Italy, both in the choice of materials and in construction, Daniela Vanni creates female and refined bags that enhance the personality and uniqueness of the wearer.
Main characteristic element the interchangeability of the flaps that hook to the body bag thanks to a patented cufflink on the back, allowing you to “adjust the bag” dress but also the mood of the moment.
Daniela Vanni clutches are unique accessories, a complement of luxury and elegance, timeless style and innovative design.